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The beauty of a small country called Zimbabwe will surprise you in so many ways. It’s beyond what you would have ever imagined for a Tourist destination. The friendliness of the people and the high standards of services in Tourism is something of contrast from other regions.

Many would have associated Zimbabwe with Victoria Falls the biggest waterfalls in the World. What an amazing art of nature on a graben formed by probably the plate tectonic movement changing the course of the Zambezi river from the direction of the now dried up lakes in the Makgadikgadi pans

Victoria Falls is in the proximity of 4 other national parks. The Zambezi national park  and the Mos-oa-Tunya national park are on either side of the Zambezi river and in turn forms part of Kazungula-Zambezia Transfrontier Conservation area, a free movement of wildlife that stretches from the Hwange area in Zimbabwe,parts of Zambia, Botswana and Angola. KAZA region has also the Hwange national park and the Chobe national park in Botswana, all accessible from Victoria Falls within 100 km drive.

Hwange national park lies in the savanna characterized by big trees and dense vegetation. The Kalahari sands that blows from Botswana rich in minerals makes the soil here very fertile providing food for a very good number of big grazing mammals including the roan, eland, kudu, giraffe and more. Of course that in turn keeps the population of cats here and other carnivore and scavengers very high as well

Further down the might Zambezi river is the Mana Pools national park adjacent to the Zambezi national park. On the banks of the Lake Kariba is the Matusadonha national park reknown for a good population of the endangered species of the rhinos.The lower Zambezi is highly favored for the high concentration of cats.

When you are done with safari which one rarely does in a short holiday you have much more to explore. The historical landmarks of Zimbabwe are a national treasure. The Great Zimbabwe was the capital of the Rozvi kingdom back in the 12th century. The castle of the King was built by laying one granite rock on top of another without cement or mortar. The expertise in this stone age architecture is still a mystery today and still standing strong against weathering over 10 centuries.

Bulawayo is known as the City of kings. Lobengula made this place his palace way back in the 1840s when they had arrived here from South Africa at the height of the Mfecane wars dominated by Tshaka Zulu. A few kilometres from the King’s palace is the Matopo. The balancing rocks here are also awesome to just gaze at as the sun goes down. Cecil John Rhodes of the British South African Company who initiated the colonization of the Region on his ‘Cape to Cairo’ dream fell in love with Matobo. Today his remains are buried at Matobo. The bushmen art on the rocks displays the artistic talent of indigenous Khoisan who had also lived in most parts of the Southern half of Africa.

Further inland you have towns and cities which developed either due to mining or agriculture, which are the most foreign currency earning industries in Zimbabwe. Chinhoyi, Gweru, Harare and a few others are worth a visit

Activities to do in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is a tourist town which strives on tourism activities. You have a whole package of activities from family to adventure and adrenaline to cultural experience. Among our best choices are the helicopter over the Victoria Falls, sunset cruise in the Zambezi river and bungee jumping. Check out on the list of available activities here

Further down Zambezi the river is the Rafting tour which can take up to 3 days but you can break at any day you want. In Kariba there are houseboats that can take you as well for 3 days in the lake and beyond on the islands for game viewing and amazing star gazing

In Mana Pools and Zambezi national park the lower Zambezi gives good terrain for the river to flow smoothly. Popular here is the canoeing that can go also for 3 days or more all in the view of game.

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Justice organised some super experiences for me, and my family visiting from Sweden. He made sure to source local companies giving us an authentic experience. The sunset cruise was the best ! My cousin’s son loved the white water rafting. Thank you for giving them a true adventure experience of Zambia 🇿🇲!

We are a home grown Africa company based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Working together with a team of Tour Guides across the region and collaborating with local service providers to make Africa your preferred destination.


As custodians of this beautiful earth, at Zambezi Africa Tours we commit ourselves and you our travelers to take care of the environment. Our broad efforts and recognition is our role in planting trees with tourists or on behalf of travelers once you book with us 

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