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About Us? Zambezi Africa Tours cc is the brainchild of Justice T. Former high school mathematics teacher in Zimbabwe and South Africa for 13 years; his passion has always been traveling and discovering new ventures in life. Justice grew up in the eastern highlands of Mutare region in Zimbabwe one of the most scenic regions of mountains and valleys in Africa. As a boy scout, one of his exciting moments in life was camping in tents in the bush and learning survival skills. The awareness and love of nature were inculcated at young age understanding the co-existence of humans and the environment.

About us
Justice on Tour

Extraordinary Experience

As a teacher who had the opportunity to teach in Zimbabwe and South Africa, he quickly understood the need to embrace different cultures and way of doing things. This further enhanced the need to learn 5 more new languages to be able to effectively communicate with the different tribal groupings in Southern Africa namely ISiZulu, IsiXhosa, Setswana, Sesotho and Sepedi. He volunteered to teach in ABET(Adult based Education Training ) schools in Soshanguve at the same time pursuing studies in Tourism; Cultural guiding in Western Cape and the Karoo was the entry certification before moving on to the greater South Africa and eventually through experience guided in the 9 other countries: Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Our Core Values

Justice worked as a freelance Tourist Guide for a number of Over-landing companies over 7 years. His responsibilities included driving, cooking, guiding on nature and culture among others. Planning activities and running pre- scheduled was the culture of then traditional Over-landing tours.

About Us

With the passion to integrate tourism, nature and the environment he felt compelled to build on a brand that would focus mainly on Responsible traveling. He teamed up with a local non-governmental organisation EBZtrust who were already doing work in rural areas to plant trees. AS part of the drive to offset carbon-footprints, the co-existence of ZAT and EBZtrust made it possible to combine Tourism and caring for the Environment. In the first year of formation ZAT together with EBZtrust, Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe, students and communities of Monde and Sizinda, we planted over 10 000 indigenous trees.

Our Aims

  • To establish a platform where Tourism and Environmental Management would coincide for mutual benefit through supporting programs and initiatives on conservation.
  • To create awareness in communities especially the rural underdeveloped communities about the need to take of the environment while creating for them a stage to showcase their cultures with the Tourism Industry through village tours and township tours.
  • Through our program ‘Catch Them Young’ we intend to groom citizens who are conscious of the environment and encourage learners to be custodians of their environment through school based-initiative programs that assist schools learning programs in any form. Chikoro.Africa is our brain child and we highlight the skills of learners and shortcomings in the system where Tourist would volunteer to interact with the school system
  • To offer an alternative way of traveling from the traditional scheduled tours where Tourist would through our platform interact with local guides and plan how they would want to spend their holiday. We have a range of options on how one can tailor-make their tours.
  • To offer rates and services that best suits your intentions and expectations as you will have direct communication with local guides. That setup also cuts so much on overhead charges usually offered by big companies.

Justice organised some super experiences for me, and my family visiting from Sweden. He made sure to source local companies giving us an authentic experience. The sunset cruise was the best ! My cousin’s son loved the white water rafting. Thank you for giving them a true adventure experience of Zambia 🇿🇲!

We are a home grown Africa company based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Working together with a team of Tour Guides across the region and collaborating with local service providers to make Africa your preferred destination.


As custodians of this beautiful earth, at Zambezi Africa Tours we commit ourselves and you our travelers to take care of the environment. Our broad efforts and recognition is our role in planting trees with tourists or on behalf of travelers once you book with us 

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