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About Mozambique

Mozambique is in Southern Africa bordering Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia inland. Its coastline runs from the boarder with Tanzania in the east to Swaziland on the south. The coastline is dotted with pristine beaches on the warm Indian Ocean like the Tofo Bay, Vilanculos and Maputo. The Bazaruto Archipelago is one of the popular islands off Mozambique’s mainland.

Maputo has a diverse culture of the Portuguese and Indians and who through long history of trade have found this to be their first home.

Activities to do in Mozambique

There is the City Tour of Maputo that will reveal a lot about pre-historic trade that link Southern Africa with Europe and the East. Maputo being the favored port then, second from Beira.

The ocean safari for the whale-shark is already is itself an adventure to try. The cage diving and the snorkeling are not to be missed activities as well in the clear waters.

How about a day in the Islands, Bazaruto Archipelago is very good just to be far from everything for a day or 2. The beach life of Vilanculos and Tofo drinking local beer and the popular dishes of coconut rice and sea food are the real treat for Mozambique tourism.

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Justice organised some super experiences for me, and my family visiting from Sweden. He made sure to source local companies giving us an authentic experience. The sunset cruise was the best ! My cousin’s son loved the white water rafting. Thank you for giving them a true adventure experience of Zambia 🇿🇲!

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