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Desert Experience - Zambezi Africa Tours

Desert Experience 2021

Explore the beauty of the Namib Desert, the oldest true desert in the World. In a desert where in many years it hardly rains, discover the abundance of life in this vast land. This 7-day tour will guarantee an experience of the desert like you never imagined.

7 days 6 nights

6 Breakfast 6 Lunch 6 Dinner

South Africa, Namibia


Price From $1 350.00

This camping package is an adventure tour taking you through the Karoo desert to the Orange river, the biggest river in South Africa, and to the Namibia desert graced with colourful dunes.

Tour highlights

Orange River canoeing – The canoeing lap is 10 km downstream in the Orange river in the company of experienced River Guides.

Fish River Canyon – Its a gigantic ravine spanning 160 km and up to 27 km at its widest. This is the biggest canyon in Africa.

Dune 45 – The red dunes of Namibia are the main feature of the Namib Desert displaying the rust color of oxidation that takes place when fine particles of iron reacts with water. As the seasonal Benguela wind current changes direction the dust and fine sand keep building up the Dunes.

Walvis Bay – This is a port town on the coast of Namibia. Its lagoon attracts many birds including the flamingos, pelicans and Damara terns. The Southern hamburg whales and dolphins are usually spotted in the area.

Swakopmund – A few kilometres from Walvis Bay on the same coastline is a German established town of Swakopmund (since 1892). The sand dunes facing the Atlantic ocean are white. The Swakopmund museum, the lighthouse, the marine museum and the Railway Station are part of the colonial era

This is a camping tour and we provide for the tents and all equipment except for your sleeping bags linen and pillow. However there is a provision for upgrading in lodge rooms if there is availability. If you intend to upgrade let us know in advance so we can make your booking in time.

Day 1: Marcuskraal campsite

location: Citrusdal

Day 2: Fiddlers Creek campsite 

location: Orange River

Day 3: Hobus campsite

location: Namib desert

Day 4: Sossusvlei campsite

location: Sossus Namib Naklurf park

Day 5: Sossus on foot campsite 

location: Namibia desert 

Day 6:  Strauss Holiday Accommodation

Location: Swakopmund Town

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Included on Tours

Included in package

Excluded in package

Ground transportation in customized vehicles

International Airfares; Excess baggage charges;

Guiding in English and/or translations in German, French and Dutch

Country to country Visa fees

Accommodation as indicated on the itinerary

International vaccinations and inoculations

Meals as shown (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

Personal items

All Park Entrance fees

Beverages, Communication charges, laundry etc


Postage and Porterage fees, Tips and gratuities for your driver/guide and lodge staff


Shopping charges for personal items


Optional activities unless specified


Any other services not shown or indicated as included on the itinerary


Paarl wines

You will meet your Guides and truck at Holiday Inn Hotel in St Gorges street just behind Long street in Cape Town central business district. You then proceed to Paarl Wine region established in 1652. You enjoy the scenery of the Western Cape as you drive through the mountain range to Citrusdal

Enjoy the start of the desert already as you make your way to Springbok town in the Karoo desert. A short stop here in case you need to buy a few items as you will be in the desert for a couple of days without grocery shops. You camp on the banks of the Orange river. The campsite is Fiddlers Creek Campsites. There is good sighting for birds here including the fish eagle and grey heron

The morning starts with a River-canoe activity. It is a 10 km downstream lap which should not be so much of a challenge. Bear in mind also you are already in the desert and a bit of cooling in the river is still good enough.You cross the border at noon into Namibia.

Your late afternoon activity will be a tour of the biggest canyon in Africa, the Fish River Canyon. There is a 2 km walk along the edges of the canyon to the main-view point. It’s a wonderful sight to have sunset on the Canyon here.

It’s going to be a long exciting drive today as the land forms here is such beautiful but then again its a different type of desert. You will have stops along the way for lunch and other land marks. There is an opportunity to see wildlife as well. You drive through the little town of Bethane with the oldest church in Namibia. You will probably arrive at Sossusvlei lodge/campsite just before sunset. Enjoy refreshing up with a cold drink in the restaurant as dinner is being prepared.


Hiking up the Dune 45 is one of the activity today just in time for sunrise. Before mid day you get a transfer to the Deadvlei. The Namibia Dunes are one of the most impressive dunes due to their reddish color. The Deadvlei has acaccia trees still standing more than 700 years old 

Walvis Bay

The lagoon in Walvis Bay is popular for birds like the flamingos, Damara terns and pelicans. The port has a natural harbour owing to the deep sea just close to the coast that makes Walvis Bay one of the few places where whales can swim as close to land. 

Today it’s an open day for relaxing after some time in the Desert and also time to experience Swakopmund. The Swakopmund museum, the lighthouse, the marine museum and the Railway Station are part of the colonial era that are worth to visit. You have a choice of optional activities that you can book for the day 

Justice organised some super experiences for me, and my family visiting from Sweden. He made sure to source local companies giving us an authentic experience. The sunset cruise was the best ! My cousin’s son loved the white water rafting. Thank you for giving them a true adventure experience of Zambia 🇿🇲!

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Responsible Traveling

As custodians of this beautiful earth, at Zambezi Africa Tours we commit ourselves and you our travelers to take care of the environment. Our broad efforts and recognition is our role in planting trees with tourists or on behalf of travelers once you book with us 

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