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The Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Zimbabwe safari & Kruger (10 days)

Victoria falls is Zimbabwe’s prime tourist destination, the most visited in Africa. Discover Zimbabwe and its very best safari, nature and cultural heritage as you take on this tour that travels through Bulawayo, Great Zimbabwe and Hwange.


From: $950.00 per person



8 days


Zimbabwe, South Africa

This Tour has a mix of lodges and camping; From the Hwange chalets to the Matobo Hills and the old stone-work of the ancient World the Masvingo, you have the best sightings of nature. Enjoy the Savanna vegetation and the expanse of the country-side and the communal lands of Zimbabwe.   

Tour Highlights

 Victoria Falls – It’s one of the Wonders of the World, the biggest waterfalls in the World whose roaring sound of water splashing in the gorge below can be heard from distances 40 km away.

Hwange national park – Hwange is home to more than 400 species of birds and an amazing population of buffaloes, elephants and antelopes in game reserve covering more than 14 000 ha. The campsites inside the national park have the rare surprises of a safari holiday.

Matobo – The balancing rocks of the Matobo are a rare sight in Southern Africa in this national park. The park boasts of its achievements of the conservation of the black and white rhinos already an endangered species in the World.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins – The remnant of the Munhumutapa kingdom back in the 11th century stands today; Without mortar, the granite rocks balanced on top of each other in what is known as the “House of Stones”. Zimbabwe derives its name from this monumental piece of art.





Distant to travel

1,2Shearwater VillageVictoria Falls 
3Ganda lodge Hwange national park140 km
4,5 Burke’s campBulawayo350 km
6NomajinesGreat Zimbabwe380 km
7Chipise campsiteMusina 400 km



Nkambeni camp


Kruger national park


450 km

250 km


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Welcome to Victoria Falls World Heritage sight and one of the 7 wonders of the World. This is Africa’s most visited tourist destination outside of Cape Town and the Pyramids. Besides the inclusive visit to the waterfalls and the Rain forest both in the national park there is whole range of activities that takes place in the small town. 

The neighboring town Livingstone in Zambia is just 10 km from here and offers also just as many activities as in Victoria Falls but with mostly unique is the Devils pool and the microlight flights. Visit our activities page to explore some you can take part in.

You have 2 days to explore Victoria Falls and Livingstone.

While you are here the most important of of all is to  check-in and meet your guides at Shearwater Village Reception to outline the schedule of the Tour.


You leave the hip of Victoria falls as you go for your full day Game drive at Hwange national park. Hwange is 120 km away and as as you arrive there you go on 4×4 wheel drive custom designed game viewing vehicles. 

Hwange is host to over 100 mammals and 400 species of birds including 19 large herbivores i.e the elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes and more. It has 8 large carnivores that includes the lion, the leopard, the cheetah, painted dogs and more. Special to Hwange is the population of the Cape African wild dogs, the last in the World. Just outside the park there is a painted dog rehabilitation and conservative programme   center.


Your first stop is just outside the Hwange national park to witness the extra-ordinary work being done for the Painted Dog conservation . Off to Bulawayo in the morning today for a 5 hours drive. 

Bulawayo city was established in 1896 but has long been the chieftainship residence of the Ndebele tribe the second biggest in Zimbabwe. It has seen its better days as the most industrious town of Zimbabwe. The wide streets in town are the architecture of the colonial times as transportation of goods and services was through horse-carts. A short city tour as you proceed to Matobo national park.


The Matobo national park is home to the largest population of the endangered black and white rhinoceros. The conservation and protection of the rhino is a big project and the park is monitored by skilled rangers who fight poachers. Get as close to one of the big five on walking tracking for the rhinos activity.

Traditionally the Matobo Hills were a shrine to the local communities for ceremonies that still take place even today. The pioneer of the British expansion of colonies from South Africa, then Cecil John Rhodes loved Matopo and desired for his remains to be buried here.


Masvingo is further inland in Zimbabwe a 5 hour drive from Bulawayo. The Great Zimbabwe monument is World Heritage site. The remnants of a Kingdom that once dominated the Bantu people in the Southern region. Constructed in the 11th century, by balancing flat granite rocks without mortar , the buildings still stands up to date. Get insight into the History of the vaRozvi dynasty; the name Zimbabwe is derived from this work ‘The house of Stones’. 

You head south today on the countries busiest road to neighboring South Africa. Enjoy the savanna vegetation today as you drive through the communal lands of Zimbabwe. The Beitbridge border between Zimbabwe and South Africa on the Limpopo river is the busiest border-post in Africa. Chipise is a campsite on the hotsprings and the afternoon you can relax on the warm bath.

The antelopes

From Musina to the southern Gate of the Kruger national park would take close to 6 hours drive. You have a ‘sundowner’ or sunset game drive on 4×4 vehicles in the national park. 

Kruger national park 

The game-drives starts as soon as the gates open at sunrise until sunset. You will have an opportunity to drive through the greater part of the southern half passing by a  number of waterholes and rivers. The safari vehicles have open sides to enable better viewing and safety as well. 

he early morning tracking safari will give you an insight on how to track animals in the African bush and also get closer to wildlife on foot! You will be in the company of a ranger and guide. The walk is 3 hour long long.

After the morning activity you take a drive through Mpumalangas most picturous landscape to the Gratskop town through the 3-rondavels and the “Potholes”.

the scavengers

Making your way out Kruger national park you will drive through the park to enjoy much more game viewing. Mpumalanga province used to be a big industrial province due to the coalfields. As you drive back to Johannesburg you can still see some of the mining that takes place. 

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Justice organised some super experiences for me, and my family visiting from Sweden. He made sure to source local companies giving us an authentic experience. The sunset cruise was the best ! My cousin’s son loved the white water rafting. Thank you for giving them a true adventure experience of Zambia 🇿🇲!

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